Friday, March 4, 2011

3mm Chieftans by Oddzial Osmy

This is my first entry into my blog, I am going to post AARS and closeups of various miniatures by different manufacturers.  I have posted items on my flickr site .  I collect 6mm modern and WWII.  I also collect WWII and Modern 1/300 using CY6 & CY6 Jet Age.  My new area is 3mm moderns.

I feel this blog will let me post things a little bit easier.  So my 1st post is going to be about the wonderful world of 3mm miniatures manufactured by Oddzial Osmy. They are great little miniatures.  I spent $41 at PicoArmor and got almost a whole Armored Regiment and and Armored Infantry Battalion.  All I need is some Scimitars and FV-432 mortars to fill out the regiment and Battalion.  So for less than 50 dollars I will have a lot of units available to field.  The next purchase will be Soviets.

Here are some photos of several troops out of the Queen's Royal Hussars. Each base represents a platoon, section or HQ element. I have never based anything before and I am quite satisfied how they came out.  I am amazed by the amount of detail these have.

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