Saturday, May 25, 2013

World of Tanks Fail Team

I was playing this game on a wireless keyboard.  The batteries failed at the beginning of an assault game on Siegfried Line and I was defending.  As a side note, never trust a wireless keyboard.  I have taken care of that keyboard, it is now singing with the choir invisible.   So back to the main thrust of this story, I can only move my turret and fire my gun.  I am basically a pillbox sitting in the middle of the spawn point.  So here is the end plate, to be fair the the players on my team that scored higher did what they could, however there are many people on my team that were not so good.  It is sad that I got the third  highest score and I could not move an inch

Sometimes I hate this game.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Drums at the Rapids

I have the pleasure of playing at this convention every year.  It takes place at Fort Meigs historical site.  It takes place in the visitors center.

Drums has a wide variety of games offered and it is pretty neat to look out the windows and look onto a Fort.  I am not going to post every photo I took, but here is a link to my set on Flickr dedicated to  this years Drums.

I played in two games, the first was a CY6 Jet Age game run by Dan Joyce.  It was India vs. Pakistan and I was on the Indian side.  Let us say that India did not do herself proud on that day.  Dan always puts on a great game.  I always play in his CY6 games.

The final game was a Black Powder Game run by Ted Bender.  It was a war of Spanish Succession, French vs. British.  All the figures were painted by Ted.  I am going to talk about Ted's ability to paint, it makes me sick.  He can paint a 16 man unit in about three hours, that is 13 minutes per figure. They are very well painted too and did I mention that it makes me sick.  In all seriousness it is great to play with such well painted figures.  He also does a lot of commission work .

Now everyone has a weakness, I mean Superman has Kryptonite and all.  Ted has a weakness too, it is dice, they are not his friend at all.  Ted has been known to destroy whole divisions with his poor dice rolling, never mind the divisions are his own. Up until this point, Teds dice were hot, I knew this could not keep up.  In fact in our group, we call poor dice rolling by anybody as "Ted Dice".  Here is an example of Ted's poor dice rolling.   Ted gave orders that his unit should move up and deploy in line.  Ted's first mistake was not to deploy in line and then advance, but I digress.  Ted's second mistake was that he assumed he would get two actions from his order dice roll.  He only received one command, so the unit advanced in column. The following photo is my subsequent turn, I charged into his infantry in column and he could not disengage.  That flanked crumpled in two more turns.  The British were victorious.

In closing if you are in Northwest Ohio in May, check out a great convention.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Khurasan Miniatures' 28mm Federal Army finally painted

Here are some photos of the finished miniatures.  I want to emphasis that I am an average painter at best and not very good at basing.  I also included a couple of photos for comparison of the GZG Japanese Mercenaries  and the Khurasan miniatures. There was a request for that.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Music to paint miniatures by.

I know on many occasions I have seen posts on various forums that ask these two questions, "What music do you listen to when you paint miniatures?"  The other question is, " Any suggestions on what music I should listen to?" 

I generally listen to martial music.  I have made several CDs, here are some of the pieces that are on my CDs



Garry Owen

The above are on a WWII disc, I have several others, one for Napoleonic marches and another with American Civil War music.  I was painting to my WWII disc and it occured to me that I might be able to listen to more music than I have on these discs. 

I have free versions of Spotify .  I have it on my computer, Kindle and i-Phone. It is a downloadable program that has hundreds of thousands of musical pieces from Heavy Metal to Baroque. The other nice thing is that the artists receive royalties.  One has the capability to create radio stations by artist or song.  It occurred to me that I might have an endless supply of  martial music, I was right.  I do not know if anyone else uses Spotify this way, but I do now.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Khurasan Miniatures' 28mm Federal Army

In a previous post I mentioned that our group was going to start a RPG campaign using Battlelords of the 23rd Century.  I was in need of some 28mm bad/good guys that I could use for the group to fight against.  The reason I stated bad/good, is that I get to play them as NPCs.  Hence the good and I am sure the group will not like them, so the bad reference.  I was looking for some specific attributes and even asked the question on The Miniature Page where I could find some miniatures that would fit my criteria.

I got a lot of suggestions, but low and behold there was a article in the "Hobby News" on The Miniature Page and these miniatures were what I was looking for.

They are the Federal Army range produced by Khurasan miniatures.  I liked the poses, I liked the equipment and I especially liked the price.  So I ordered them the evening of May 1st and they arrived May 6th.  I was very pleased with the turn around.  I presume it is a very small company or even a one man show.  They were all well packed, virtually flash free and free of mold lines.  The only thing I had to do to prep them was a few guns had flash at the end of the muzzles and I had to trim a little flash off the base to let them stand flat.  I am glad, because prepping a miniature is one of the aspects of this hobby that I loathe.

They are now primed, sorry for the photo is not very good. I always prime in black.  The reason for this, I used to use white.  Of course when I was painting and then saw white where white should not be. Of course I missed a spot and I am sure you all have never done that.  Now if I miss a spot and black is showing, it looks like shadow.

  I did not realize that it was poor or I would have taken a better one.  It is too late now to take another photo, because I have given them their first coat of paint.

I will make periodic updates on the progress of the painting and basing.  I do not know how much painting I will get done in the next two weeks.  This week I am moving my Mother into different living arrangments.  And the next weekend I have to move my daughter back from her apartment at CMU.

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