Saturday, September 27, 2014

I came across this bug in my World of Tanks Garage

Last week I left a game and this bug appeared in my garage.  I was not able to zoom into my tank as one normally could does,  When I was in the garage I was in the rafters.  It was as if Wargaming told me I was going to be a bat.  When I scrolled my mouse it just put me in different positions within the rafters.
Now the strangest thing about this bug was when I scrolled out I was outside of the garage.  Wargaming has been lying to us.  Some of you might say that Wargaming is lying to us is not news.  And maybe lying is too harsh a word, but they certainly have been deceiving us.  When one is in the garage and one looks out the windows.  It appears it is winter outside, pine trees all about.  No I tell you, it is a barren waste land out there.  There is nothing but strange patterns on the ground.  I think when you hear that person dropping the wrench in the garage, he opened the door and found out what the outside world really looks like.  It is something out of the Twilight Light Zone.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not a Good Idea for a Tog

This is what happens when a Tog exposes it's side to a KV-2 and it does not have a spall liner.

866 points of ouch, a broken turret and a dead gunner.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Marder 38T Driver took driving lessons from Joie Chitwood

All you fellows that are of a certain age will remember ABC's Wide World of Sports.

Well one of the people that were on Wide World of Sports was Joie Chitwood.  He drove cars on the edge so to speak.

I was driving my Marder 38T and I was trying to avoid the victory circle,  I was struck that it looked a lot like Joie Chitwood driving.

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