Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A little Game of CY 6 on Sunday.

Three of us got together on Sunday and played a game of Check Your Six.  It was just a pickup game.  The Luftwaffe was trying to get their bombers off the map. The forces are as follows, 6 Heinkel 111 (Falcon Miniatures), 2 Bf-109 (Raiden), 2 Hurricanes (Raiden) and 2 Spitfires(Raiden).

I am not going to go through every turn, however it was not a good day to be a British pilot.  The two Spitfires had three special damages between the two of them.  One was destroyed by two consecutive critical damages and the other had on critical damage that put him out of the game.  The two Hurricanes had only one critical, but it failed it's robustness roll twice.

The Germans on the other hand.  The Bf-109s were not very successful either.   Only one fired one shot, the other one never got into a position to fire.  All the damage to the British pilots were caused by light machine gun fire.  The only damage that the Luftwaffe took was a engine dame on one of the Heinkels.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

A funny thing happened in my TOG or OUCH

I have had my TOG only for a day and Jingles is right.  The TOG is a lot of fun, but it is not a very good tank,.  Though I am having a blast playing it.  One of the first games today and I was on Westfield.  Advancing as one would do if they are attacking and not being a pot-licking camper..

A Lee, a tank that is just the opposite of the TOG (it is unpleasant),  crests the hill.

He takes a couple of shots and they bounce, he must be thinking, "Maybe if I move and get a different angle my shots will penetrate."

The Lee must be very frustrated now with all the bounced shots.  He must be thinking, "What can I do to damage this TOG?"  A brilliant idea flashes before his very eyes.

The Lee driver just has to build up a little speed.

Well maybe he should have thought this one out a little bit better.

Thank you for reading.  Have a great day.