Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Trees for the gaming table on the cheap

I was walking through a local craft store after Christmas and happened onto their clearence area with all the Christmas leftovers.  I happened onto a fake evergreen garland.
It was a $1.50 and it occurred I could use the sprigs for making trees for 3/6mm or small trees and brush for 15mm.   You will need a few things, wire cutters to remove the sprigs from the garland. Something to base them on, I used fender washers and something to make the foliage  adhere to the washer.
I used Milliput for the adhesive and it made a little contour on the washer.  I also paint my washer black.  I think when they are plain steel, the washers stand out too much  Just put a small amount of Milliput on each washer and start sticking those sprigs.  I then applied glue and dipped the base in flocking.
The following photo is the result of less then an hours work.  Also the photo that I took of the garland had all of the trees that I made and then some.  I ran out of Milliput.  I think I can get two to three hundred trees out of the garland.
That is a lot of trees for not much money. 

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Some of my haul from GZG, part Deux

The following photos are of two vehicles, the first is the  6-Wheel Light Scout MICV with manned turret.  Both vehicles are painted Khaki by Vallejo.  A gloss lacquer applied and after that a dark brown wash by Vallejo.  I then applied  a matte coat.
The second vehicle is the Bobcat 4-wheel HMLCV (High Mobility Light Combat Vehicle) with auto-cannon turret.
The last photo show the comparative size to each other and to a Vallejo bottle.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Some of my haul from Ground Zero Games year end special.

As everyone can attest, GZG gives outstanding service and with the end of the year special it is a great value too.  I am sure he works like a dog when the special runs.  I got the package in about five days from when he stated that it was being shipped and I live in the USA.

The first miniature is the  MRAP-C light armored patrol vehicle.  One has to have something to haul ones troops about.  It is of metal construction and I used ten parts, I did not use the large brush guard that was included.  I primed with Vallejo white primer and the overall paint is Iraqi Sand by Vallejo.  The windows, and lamps were painted with silver.  I let that dry and I used Blue, Red and Yellow clear paint by Vallejo.  I coated the miniature with a coat of gloss lacquer, I think I was using Rustoleum.  I use the brand that is on sale when I walk into the store.  I then put a black was of Future floor wax and DiDi's Magic  Ink.  I left them quite dirty from the wash.  I wanted them to look grimy from hard use.  I then put a coat of Testers Matte Spray.
The other vehicle was from the free grab bag that was sent to me with the year end sale.  It is unreleased MRAP "Shorty".  I painted it the same way as the previous miniature. The first photo shows the size of this miniature comparative to a Vallejo bottle.
The last photo shows the comparative size between the two miniatures.
A word of warning, there is a lot of filing to be done on these miniatures to make them fit together.  There is a lot of gaps in the miniatures too.  I used quite a bit of filler to hide the gaps and seams.  It took a bit of work, but it is worth it.  These miniatures are great and I know in the future, I will be awaiting the postman knowing that more of these great miniatures will be in the post.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hesco Barriers and Jersey Barriers from Gamecraft Miniatures

I recently purchased two packages of Hesco Barriers and one package of Jersey barriers in 15mm from GameCraft Miniatures .  The website is well laid out and the transaction was very easy.  The product came fairly quickly.  Quite quickly in fact, as I am sure this is a side business.  GameCraft Miniatures have a wide variety of products available from 3mm to 28mm.

I purchased the twenty four pack of concrete barriers. They are a white resin with a little bit of flash along some of the bottom edges.  A finger nail took it right off.

They paint up pretty well, the only disappointing part of this package is that two were a bit bent.

I did not contact them about the bent pieces, but I expect they would have mailed replacements.
I also bought two packages of Hesco barriers that contain six each. 

There a few that are smooth on one side as opposed to having two sides etched.

These I presume are when one wants to have it two deep.

 I have my eye on quite a bit of there products and I am sure that there are more transactions with GameCraft Miniatures in my future.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Another Quick Review of a Cold War Gone Hot, The War That Never Was by Michael Palmer

When writing a review for a book about the cold war going hot, I have a couple of criteria.  The first, is it a good read as Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy and The Third World War by Sir John Hackett.  The second, can  I get scenarios out of it for games I may want to run.  The War That Never Was does both in spades.

The style of writing is some where in between Clancy's and Hackett's style.  In some instances one knows the thoughts of the characters as in Red Storm Rising, but not through the whole book and Palmer explains the geopolitics as Hackett does in his book.

There is one stark difference though tn this book as opposed to the a fore mentioned books.  This book emphasis non Central European aspects of the conflict.  Do not get me wrong, he does address the conflict in Germany, but the periphery conflicts is the emphasis of this book.
Some of the maps are as follows:
  • The Northern Flank
  • Libya and the Central Mediterranean
  • Greece Turkey and the Aegean
  • The Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf 
  • The Western Pacific
  • Korea and the DMZ
It is interesting reading, not much writing about the Fulda Gap in this book.

The second criteria that I stated before.  The War That Never Was has endless amounts of scenario ideas.  I can get a lot of ideas for land warfare.  Again not your normal West German vs. Soviet MRDs.  One right of the top of my head is Turkey vs. Bulgarian & Soviet Marines.  It also has a lot of land warfare ideas concerning Norway vs. USSR vs. Finland.  Yep, the Soviets thought it would be a good idea to cut through Finland without permission. Did not they learn that lesson before?

There are too many ideas for air combat scenarios to mention them all.  Though the real scenario gems are concerning modern naval scenario ideas.  If you play modern naval games, do yourself a favor and pick this book up.  It would take playing a lot of games to exhaust all the naval engagements that are dealt with in this book.

This book is available through Alibris and Amazon, both in hardcover and soft cover

I highly recommend this book.  I know at sometime in the future I will read this book again and probably more then once

Thank you for reading.