Sunday, August 17, 2014

Collectors Battlefield Wargame System: A Short Review

I want to apologize for the long hiatus in publishing anything on this blog.  My Mother was gravely ill and is doing better.  My father-in-law is in the last stages of a terminal illness and I have had some health issues, which have been resolved for the time being. Now onto the main event.

 We play tested this new rule set on Saturday.  Our group consisted of

from left to right, Gene, Ted and Jim.

And me, Jim felt the photo needed a little tilt, not sure if I agree.

Jim is going to run a scenario at Advance The Colors using a new rule set.  The rule set is

I presume that a lot of you have seen their ads in Wargame Illustrated.  They also feature prepainted figures and vehicles in 28mm.  I cannot comment on their vehicles or vehicles, because we have plenty of miniatures.

We played a skirmish game of Americans verses Germans.  We had rifle squads, sub-machine squad BAR team and two LMG teams.  We also had a Sherman and a Stug.  We were playing in order to determine the game mechanics, nothing very fancy. 

I am not to go turn by turn.  It was a meeting engagement and the objective was to hold the majority of the houses on the crossroads.  Two of the houses were stone and gave heavy cover.  The other two were wood and gave light cover.

Some photos of the table.

The Americans(Jim and Myself) and ze Germans(Ted and Gene) advanced towards the crossroads  Each unit gets an action, move, fire, stabilize wounded are among some of the actions.   There are warriors/leaders that can help a unit take two actions.  Again I am not going to go turn by turn , but there were casualties on each side.  Combat resolution uses six sided dice.  Each rifleman gets 1 D6, a supported LMG receives 6 D6 and the defender gets a saving throw with appropriate bonuses for cover.  Then if the rounds actually hit, the attacker rolls to determine if it is a kill or a wound.  


 We really enjoyed playing this game.  We liked how the rules dealt with wounded members of a team.  A wounded member will slow you down a lot and if two members on a team get wounded, not good.  In a lot of rules there are moral checks, but  those rule do not take into account the wounded.  Wounded in this game cannot take offensive fire, but can defend in a close assault. 

The downside to this Collector's Battlefield Wargaming rule set is the editing.  The rule set can be very vague and there are a lot of typos.

We will be playing this more and if you are attending Advance the Colors miniature convention, you can have a chance to play it.

One last thing, I always include some new project that Ted is working on.  He is a machine when it comes to painting.

Thank you for reading.



  1. Great report, Mike. Awesome, table-level views of the game -- love them! And icing on the cake is a shot at that mysterious, mythical hideaway -- "Ted's Basement!"

    1. Ted's Basement always seems to be morphing!

  2. I should just do a blog post on all the miniatures on his shelves. It would take days to photograph and write.