Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scotia's SM.79 Sparviero

Here are some close-ups of Scotia’s SM.79 Sparviero.  This is an absolutely superb miniature.  The green SM.7 represents a plane from the  58 Squadriglia, 32 Gruppo.  The upper is Verde Olivia Scuro 2 by White Ensign Models Colourcoats.  The tan airplane represents a plane from the 192 Squadriglia, 87 Gruppo.  The uppers were Rustoleum tan camo paint.  Great paint and very inexpensive, one gets three times the paint as a Testors can for just a little more money.  The green camo on the uppers is Vallejo, Dark Green.  The decals are by I-94.  The only thing that I wish that I had was some decals of these.

So Dave or Dom, please here my plea.

 Here is direct link to my Flickr site.


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