Monday, May 2, 2011

AWI conversion of Gettysburg Soldiers American Civil War Rule set

   Three people in our gaming group help play test the a fore mentioned rule set.  They really like the rile set and I tend to agree with them.  I think that it is a great game for a convention.  It is easy to play, giving players a fun couple of hours instead of a couple of hours of frustration.  We believe it gives reasonable results after a three hour gaming session, as opposed to getting four turns done in that time period.
     As an extension of this rule set we enjoy AWI, so we decided to do a conversion.  We changed some of the pluses and minuses on the to-hit table.  These had to do with rifled muskets and artillery to name a couple.  I do not have the charts.  We played a game that had militia, Indians, French, Hessian and regulars.  It was the battle of East Nowhere.   The British held the field at the end of the game, due to the outstanding die rolling of the British player.  If he needed to beat a roll, he rolled it.   I did not take notes, but here are some photos of the game.
The first photo shows me on the left, I played 1/2 of the Americans.  The fellow with a large portion of his head missing is Jim Wonacott, he of the hot dice and Ted Bender (the other American) is taking all the photos.

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