Sunday, April 8, 2012

Battlefields Miniature Convention March 17th, 2012

I have been procrastinating my write up of the Battlefields miniature convention put on by Pro or Con miniature gaming group from Detroit. If you ever have the opportunity, do attend, because they really present a great convention.

I played in two games, A CY6 Jet Age game run by Tom Michael. The second game I played in was a CY6 game run by Dave Winfree.

The Game was a Wild Weasel SAM Suppression scenario. I will not bore you with the gory details of my play in the 1st game other than to say it was abysmal. There was a F-4 Phantom that had a either a +2 or +3 pilot and he ripped through the Vietnamese players until the second too the last turn. A +0 MiG-17 player got in the F-4's six at one hex. The MiG-17 attained a hit and rolled damage. It went off the chart and the F-4 player blew his robustness roll and blew up.

The second game had an interesting run of events. I was flying three AVG P-40s and towards the end of the game I shot at an Oscar. Special damage was then rolled. The pilot was rendered unconscious. The next turn the Oscar pilot again did not regain consciousness and his random movement was straight ahead, level. The next turn I got a another hit on another Oscar and special damage was rolled for that Oscar. He rolled pilot killed. The next turn random movement was rolled for each Oscar. They both ended up in the same hex and altitude. Of course they hit each other because they were unable to roll pilot reaction and after all the special damage was rolled. They both ceased to exist.

Here are some random photos of different games. 

DBA Tournament
Johnny Reb III
Close Action
Ambush Valley
Ambush Valley
Ambush Valley

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