Sunday, July 29, 2012

Check Your 6 Jet Age 7.22.12

On 7-22-12 the group of gamers I play with get together about once a month. Most of us live in Lenawee county which is in Southeast Michigan. This month we played CY6 Jet Age run by yours truly. We played two scenarios out of the Star and Pyramid scenario book written by Jeff Fisher. The 1st game we played was Mystere Ground Pounding and the 2nd was 2-Kill Over the Canal.

Mystere Ground Pounding

The variable rules were rolled and the Egyptians rolled “Old Egyptian Tricks”, they could enter on the south edge of the board, edge 5 on turn three. The Israelis rolled “Mobile Medium AAA” It was hidden until fired. This was fortuitous for the Israelis as you shall find out. I also rolled for entry of my flight, turn 6, the worst roll I could have. Sorry Doug(my other flight leader for the Israelis) you are on your own for a bit. I am sorry I did not take a photo of the setup, I cannot say that will never happen again, but I will try.

The two light AAA positions.

Turn 1
It consisted of the the MiGs lining up for bomb runs and the Mysteres trying to get into position to get a shot off. The Med AAA fired and missed

Turn 2
The only firing consisted of the light and medium AAA missing.

Turn 3 & 4

Again all shots missed including AAA and AA cannon shots. The MiGs were not too successful in their bombing run. They destroyed one vehicle.

Some Closeups

Turn 5

The Mysteres have missile shots at two MiG, two MiGs are hit and one is splashed, the other manages to make it robustness roll 

Turn 6

 One Mystere is shot down and a MiG-17 is splashed by the Medium AAA.

Turn 7

I finally get to come on the board and I am coming in on afterburner. The Egyptian MiG-17s had not counted on that and they went to after burner also. I am in their rear arc and I have missiles. I splash two MiGs. I rippled fire two missiles at each MiG and achieve one missile hit per MiG. Another MiG is downed by Medium AAA. One Mystere is shot down also.  I believe the medium AAA has figured out the wind-age.

Turn 8

There is one MiG-17 left and all the Israelis believe he is going to turn for home., all except one that is.
The MiG-17 does a split s and is going to make a strafing run. The three Mysteres were not ready for that, but Davy Crockett in the medium AAA is. He ends up shooting down the last MiG.

2-Kill Over the Canal

The variable rules are as follows, The Egyptians rolled that the SA-3B Battery was manned by a skilled crew(+1) instead of a green (0) crew, must be a Soviet crew helping out their fellow prolitarian comrades.. The Israelis rolled, Israeli Intelligence Operations, so the Israelis know that there is a SA-3B battery and its location.

The set-up can be seen in the following three photos. I remembered to take photos this time of the set-up.

Sorry for the poor photo, but you get the picture.

Turn 1 and 2

The two Egytion MiGs, the two Mirages and the four Skyhawks are trying to get into position. The SA-3B has lock on a Skyhawk.

Turn 3

The SA-3B has lock on the +2 Mirage (Israel Baharav) and Baharav damages a MiG-21 with engine damage. The Medium AAA knocks Menachem Sharon out of the air. I rolled box cars with a 31 damage roll.

Turn 4

A MiG-21 hits a Skyhawk and the Skyhawk rolls double 6 on his robustness roll and he has fire on the plane. He know must make a pilot reaction in order to put out the fire and if he does not, the Skyhawk will take more special damage. Israel Baharav downs the MiG-21 that he damaged the previous turn. The Medium AAA takes down a Skyhawk.

Turn 5
The Skyhawk did manage to put out the fire, but he was apparently distracted from the incoming missiles from the remaining MiG-21 and he is splashed.

Turn 6

The Medium AAA again has the windage, maybe the crew was trained by Vasily Zaytsev. They manage to damage Israel Baharav's Mirage with engine damage. Israel Baharav damages the MiG-21 with engine damage.

Turn 7

The MiG-21 is flying his best, he rolled a pilot check in order to pull off the maneuver and was successful. Israel Baharav attempts to shoot down that damn MiG-21. He rolls, double ones, blue on blue fire on the Skyhawk and it goes poof. The MiG-21 will be able to fight at least one more turn.

Turn 7
The Mig-21 dove and the Mirage III did not have a shot and all the AAA missed.

Turn 9

Again, the MiG-21 has to make a pilot check in order to successfully attempt this maneuver and he is successful. So we have a MiG-21(+1) vs. a Mirage III (+2) nose to nose. Let us see who comes out on top. They both would have won in chicken, because neither one flinched. They both destroyed each other.

Turn 10 & 11

There is only one Skyhawk on the table now and he decides that the better part of valor and so on. All the AAA missed on turn 9 and The SA-3B has lock on. Torn 10 in another story, again Vasily Zaytsev AKA Medium AAA destroys the last plane on the board.

Both those battles were pretty ugly for the losing side, though the first game was a bit closer. A couple of thought s in closing. The first being is that we find it difficult to hit anything with bombs or torpedoes for that matter. Though torpedoes were not a decisive factor in any of the Arab-Israeli wars. We have played several games and cannot hit anything. In these two game, the 1st game the Egyptians achieved one bomb strike and in the 2nd, game, the Israelis did not achieve any.

In all the games we have played, AAA has been very ineffective, but in these two games they had a very decisive factor in the winning side's victory. Lastly, we had our first ever blue on blue hit in all the game we have played.

Next month we are playing Maurice, this will be our first playing of the rule-set.  That will be my next entry.



  1. The Mysteres should not have missiles, they didn't get them till the War of Attrition. In S&P scenarios, they will explicitly list any missiles a side has. This is a great scenario to introduce new players to 2nd generation jets with Afterburners.

  2. You are correct, as I was rereading the scenario for this write-up, I had realized my mistake.


  3. BTW your Minis are really nice, I like your Israelis, you got the color just right!

  4. Thank You, the colors are by Humbrol enamels numbers 119, 120 and 121. I prefer Vallejo, but when the colors are spot on, I will use Humbrol enamels.