Sunday, January 4, 2015

I bought two things over the weekend.

The first thing that I bought were two paint brushes. 
I know they are a little big for miniature painting.  I have always liked the look of miniature vehicles that have antennas, it gives the vehicle a bit authenticity. So what I have purchased for $3, is a life time supply of antennas for my miniatures.

The other purchase I made this weekend was nitrile gloves.  If any of you use an airbrush, disposable gloves are a necessity.   I went out to our big box home improvement center, Lowes.  I go and look for their gloves.  I find them and I am aghast at the price.
I looked at their latex gloves, they were over $10.  I would not purchase the latex gloves, my wife cannot wear them.  I know the last time I purchased nitrile gloves they were not that expensive.
I then go to the local hardware store and low and behold they have nitrile gloves.
They are cheaper then the latex gloves that were at Lowes.  I guess that big blue Home Improvement Store is not that cheap after all.

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