Thursday, January 8, 2015

15mm NSL (Neu Swabian League) Panzergrenadiers and apparently new sculpts too.

I bought several packs of these.  I am not going to use them as NSL.  I bought them because I really liked the look of them.  I am going to use them in some games of Tomorrow's War.  As I said in earlier post, I will running a game in just a week from Saturday January 10th.   I am not sure if the powered armor will be part this game or not, but now that some are painted I have that option.  I painted them Vallejo US Olive Drab.  I then dried brush them with a mixture of Vallejo White and again the Olive Drab.  I then painted the view port silver.  I then applied a final coat  on the view port  of Vallejo Green Translucent Paint.  I then put on a mixture of Future Floor wax and DiDi's Magic Ink.  I keep on forgetting that all the decals that have gone on my vehicles and now troopers are made by I-94 Enterprises, sorry Dave.
I think they turned out quite nice.

Thank you for reading.


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