Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Quick Review of Kodiak and Widowmaker power armor by Rebel Minis. plus a few more things,

I apologize for the hiatus,  I have not painted or gamed much in the last few months.  A couple of weeks ago I ran a CY6 game, actually two games at Acropolis Games in Adrian Michigan,  It is mainly a 40K crowd there, but our group is trying to get them interested in historical gaming.  There was two of our normal group, that included me and two 40K gamers.  They both really enjoyed playing CY6.  Something that I found amusing, we were using dice that were older then both of their ages combined.  Here are a few photos.
I did paint a couple of miniatures too.  They are for a Sci Fi roleplaying game called Battlelords of the 23rd Century.  If you get a chance to play the game, it is great.
All right, now to the main event a quick review of Kodiak and Widowmaker power armor by Rebelminis.  I bought these at Rebelminis end of the year special,  I have bought quite a few miniatures from Rebelminis and service has always been excellent.

Assembly is not hard, however the hole in the body that the tab on the left arm fits into is way too small.  I had to cut the tab way down in order for the part to fit.  I used a Dremel tool to do this.
After I did that, assembly was a breeze.  Here are a few photos of the miniatures assembled.

First coat of paint, I used Vallejo German Uniform Green and I airbrushed the paint on.

Here are some photos of the completed miniatures.
I am pleased how they turned out.  I am just an average painter and i am sure a lot of you could make these miniatures look even better.  I would not hesitate to recommend these miniatures.

Thank You for reading.


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