Sunday, January 24, 2016

I picked up a couple of books.

I do not know about you, but I like a fleshed out game, especially at a convention game that I am playing in.  I hate an unprepared gamemaster that has not put much time or effort into a game.  I have seen a gamemaster walk in an hour late for their start time and start to set up.  He is even cutting out foam hills with a foam cutting tool,  He is finally set up for the second session, though he was scheduled for the first session.

I like a little background on the scenario that I am playing.  I have seen some exemplary examples of this and that is what I strive for in a game I am running at a convention.  That is what lead me to purchase these two books.

I am going to be running a Fist Full of Tows 3 game at a local convention in March.  It is difficult to give background on the scenario that I am going to be running.  Since there were no real battles between NATO and the Soviet thank goodness.  So scenario generation is not as easy as it would be if there was a real battle.  So what I try to do is find sources that would likely have seen each other.  I know that there is a bit of what if, but it is a what if scenario.   The adversaries for the game will be the  British Army of the Rhine with some help from German Landwher vs. the Soviets.  The Soviets will have both Cat I and Cat II units. 

 I purchased two books recently that will help me flesh out the British forces.  The first title is The British Army in Germany: An Organizational History 1947-2004 by Graham Watson, Richard A Rinaldi. It is a pretty nifty little book.  It tells one where a unit was garrisoned and for how long.   It also tells one what unit replaced it.  One can pick it up for $11-12 plus shipping from a used book service.
 The second book I purchased recently is Encyclopedia of the Modern British Army by Terry Gardner.
If you have any interest in the Cold War, this is a must purchase.  My guess it is well known in the UK, but not so much here in the US.  It has info on organisation(notice the British spelling), weapons system and vehicles.  It is a very comprehensive book.  I would suggest one buy it from the UK, I have seen it as cheap as 70P and shipping is  £ 2.80 to the states.

A little eye candy for the upcoming game.  I belong to a Facebook group and I know a lot of people that do not.  A fellow by the name of Tommy Lundqvist made these incredible sections of roads.
Here is the link if you are inclined to use Facebook.  I wanted mine to be a little simpler, these are for 6mm and I am going to be using them for 3mm.
I have 30 or so sections and I have a couple of hours work in them.

Thank you for reading.


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