Sunday, May 29, 2011

CY6 Jet Age at Drums at the Rapids 5/21/11

     On May 21st at the convention Drums at the Rapids, I had the pleasure of playing two games run by Dan Joyce.  The 1st was a CY6 Jet Age game and the 2nd was Cold War Commander.   I have always wanted to play Cold War Commander, but that will be in a post in the future. 
     The game was Egyptians and Syrians flying MiG-21s and MiG-19s, for a total of three MiG-19s and two MiG-21s (armed with Atolls).  I was flying two MiG-19s.  The Arabs had one +1 pilot and  he was flying a MiG-19 (my pilot).  We were flying against 3 Israeli Mirages armed with Shafirs, piloted by two +1 pilots and a +2 pilot.    Before I go on and I did not take a photo of  Dan’s maneuver sheets.  He made some in Publisher and they were really easy to use and very good looking.  I do have a partial photo of one and I will point it out.
      The 1st shot came from the Israeli +2 pilot ant long range and he hit. The MiG-21 pilot blew his robustness and it became a critical  hit.  It blew up his canopy and the pilot became unconscious and never regained consciousness.   In three turns he made a slow turning egress from the playing table. Then came some maneuvering.  The MiGs are trying to get into a slow turning fight  with two Mirages.  These are the +1 Isreali pilots, the +2 pilot is chasing the unconscious MiG-21 pilot and fails.  He is very far away from the action by now.  My +1 MiG-19 finally get a shot and I shred  one of the Mirages. The Mirage pilot fails to eject and goes down with his plane.

The lone remaining MiG-21 gets a shot with it's Atolls (sorry no photo).  Neither one malfunctions they are both near misses and of course the Mirage makes both robustness roll.  More maneuvering ensues and in two turns this is what transpires (next photo)

The outcome from the previous photo is one less MiG19 I have to pilot and he does mange to eject safely.

You can see Dan's maneuver sheets beside the erasable pen.  I wish I had taken a photo of those, oh well maybe next time.

In the end the Arabs lost two MiG-19s and one MiG-21 withdrawn. The Israeli lost one Mirage  The other Arab planes bugged out, so it was an Israeli victory.  Now what was interesting, the outcome of this game affected the Cold War Commander Game in the second session.  With the Israeli victory they received 3 Mysteres  fighter bombers as support.    If the Egyptians would have won, they would have had artillery support.  I will tell you more about both of those in the next post.


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  1. Thanks for the great write-up Mike. Glad you enjoyed the game hope to see you at Drums this year.