Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Drums at the Rapids

I have the pleasure of playing at this convention every year.  It takes place at Fort Meigs historical site.  It takes place in the visitors center.

Drums has a wide variety of games offered and it is pretty neat to look out the windows and look onto a Fort.  I am not going to post every photo I took, but here is a link to my set on Flickr dedicated to  this years Drums.

I played in two games, the first was a CY6 Jet Age game run by Dan Joyce.  It was India vs. Pakistan and I was on the Indian side.  Let us say that India did not do herself proud on that day.  Dan always puts on a great game.  I always play in his CY6 games.

The final game was a Black Powder Game run by Ted Bender.  It was a war of Spanish Succession, French vs. British.  All the figures were painted by Ted.  I am going to talk about Ted's ability to paint, it makes me sick.  He can paint a 16 man unit in about three hours, that is 13 minutes per figure. They are very well painted too and did I mention that it makes me sick.  In all seriousness it is great to play with such well painted figures.  He also does a lot of commission work .

Now everyone has a weakness, I mean Superman has Kryptonite and all.  Ted has a weakness too, it is dice, they are not his friend at all.  Ted has been known to destroy whole divisions with his poor dice rolling, never mind the divisions are his own. Up until this point, Teds dice were hot, I knew this could not keep up.  In fact in our group, we call poor dice rolling by anybody as "Ted Dice".  Here is an example of Ted's poor dice rolling.   Ted gave orders that his unit should move up and deploy in line.  Ted's first mistake was not to deploy in line and then advance, but I digress.  Ted's second mistake was that he assumed he would get two actions from his order dice roll.  He only received one command, so the unit advanced in column. The following photo is my subsequent turn, I charged into his infantry in column and he could not disengage.  That flanked crumpled in two more turns.  The British were victorious.

In closing if you are in Northwest Ohio in May, check out a great convention.

Thank you for reading and good gaming.


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