Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Khurasan Miniatures' 28mm Federal Army

In a previous post I mentioned that our group was going to start a RPG campaign using Battlelords of the 23rd Century.  I was in need of some 28mm bad/good guys that I could use for the group to fight against.  The reason I stated bad/good, is that I get to play them as NPCs.  Hence the good and I am sure the group will not like them, so the bad reference.  I was looking for some specific attributes and even asked the question on The Miniature Page where I could find some miniatures that would fit my criteria.

I got a lot of suggestions, but low and behold there was a article in the "Hobby News" on The Miniature Page and these miniatures were what I was looking for.

They are the Federal Army range produced by Khurasan miniatures.  I liked the poses, I liked the equipment and I especially liked the price.  So I ordered them the evening of May 1st and they arrived May 6th.  I was very pleased with the turn around.  I presume it is a very small company or even a one man show.  They were all well packed, virtually flash free and free of mold lines.  The only thing I had to do to prep them was a few guns had flash at the end of the muzzles and I had to trim a little flash off the base to let them stand flat.  I am glad, because prepping a miniature is one of the aspects of this hobby that I loathe.

They are now primed, sorry for the photo is not very good. I always prime in black.  The reason for this, I used to use white.  Of course when I was painting and then saw white where white should not be. Of course I missed a spot and I am sure you all have never done that.  Now if I miss a spot and black is showing, it looks like shadow.

  I did not realize that it was poor or I would have taken a better one.  It is too late now to take another photo, because I have given them their first coat of paint.

I will make periodic updates on the progress of the painting and basing.  I do not know how much painting I will get done in the next two weeks.  This week I am moving my Mother into different living arrangments.  And the next weekend I have to move my daughter back from her apartment at CMU.

Thank you for reading and good gaming.


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