Sunday, November 3, 2013

World Of Tanks Match Maker IS broken.

     I am not going to start this post whining about this or that with WOT match-making (MM) enough of that goes on in matches.  I do think that World of Tanks match making has some definite issues.  I  want to state that I am not a programer nor do I want to be, just the thought of that as a job makes my eyes water and my skin itch.

     I played a game recently and the opposing team had 13 tier X tanks or artillery.  They also had one tier VII tank and a tier VI scout.

    Our team  had 11 tier X tanks or artillery.  We also had 3 tier VII  tanks and one tier VI scout.

     Now I am going to rant a little bit about  the match maker.  My first question is, Was it national tier IX day off?  WOT MM could not have found some tier IXs?  I guess they keep important information like that from the tier VIIs,   I am sure the tier  IXs  are saying, "it is so fun to see the tier VIIs disappointed faces when they see all the tier Xs."   In all seriousness I am going to state this again, WOT MM could not find any tier IXs?  I know MM has come along way.  I know when I was first playing world of tanks, the MM was worse.  I just want it to get even better.

     Is this going to stop me from playing WOT, no.  Does it make certain matches less than enjoyable, yes it does. 

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