Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Trees for the gaming table on the cheap

I was walking through a local craft store after Christmas and happened onto their clearence area with all the Christmas leftovers.  I happened onto a fake evergreen garland.
It was a $1.50 and it occurred I could use the sprigs for making trees for 3/6mm or small trees and brush for 15mm.   You will need a few things, wire cutters to remove the sprigs from the garland. Something to base them on, I used fender washers and something to make the foliage  adhere to the washer.
I used Milliput for the adhesive and it made a little contour on the washer.  I also paint my washer black.  I think when they are plain steel, the washers stand out too much  Just put a small amount of Milliput on each washer and start sticking those sprigs.  I then applied glue and dipped the base in flocking.
The following photo is the result of less then an hours work.  Also the photo that I took of the garland had all of the trees that I made and then some.  I ran out of Milliput.  I think I can get two to three hundred trees out of the garland.
That is a lot of trees for not much money. 

Thank you for reading.



  1. That's a lot of trees, great idea, I need a forest for some of my games and this helps a lot!

  2. I am glad that I could be of service. I am getting some more Milliput this weekend and I will have a bunch more made up.

  3. last weekend i saw the same thing but the sprigs were pointed up and top part painted yellow so they looked like corn stalks.

  4. Yes, one needs to trim the green bits, so they are shorter. This lends to a corn stalk look. One can also make them in 2x2 sections. You can make some sections that the stalks are laying flat, so you can replace the fields, as if troops moved through them. This works very well in ACW games.