Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hesco Barriers and Jersey Barriers from Gamecraft Miniatures

I recently purchased two packages of Hesco Barriers and one package of Jersey barriers in 15mm from GameCraft Miniatures .  The website is well laid out and the transaction was very easy.  The product came fairly quickly.  Quite quickly in fact, as I am sure this is a side business.  GameCraft Miniatures have a wide variety of products available from 3mm to 28mm.

I purchased the twenty four pack of concrete barriers. They are a white resin with a little bit of flash along some of the bottom edges.  A finger nail took it right off.

They paint up pretty well, the only disappointing part of this package is that two were a bit bent.

I did not contact them about the bent pieces, but I expect they would have mailed replacements.
I also bought two packages of Hesco barriers that contain six each. 

There a few that are smooth on one side as opposed to having two sides etched.

These I presume are when one wants to have it two deep.

 I have my eye on quite a bit of there products and I am sure that there are more transactions with GameCraft Miniatures in my future.

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